Monday, January 25, 2010

What do you look for when analyzing a text?

The answer to this question is one with plenty of responses, which makes the topic a very controversial one when broken down. My response to this question lies in the historical, cultural, economical (class/rank) social, religious and political background of the author. That has always been my way to get a deeper understanding of a text and the intentions of authors. Understanding the person who wrote it, the time in which he/she wrote their work, the circumstances they had to deal with when growing up and the involvement they had with certain issues during their time can all contribute to understanding the authors work from a more personal standpoint. In my opinion, you cannot separate the author form the work. The two are solitary and have to be considered so if it’s considered to touch a readers heart. If it connects to a reader then it must somehow be an issue taken from a real life situation. The situation does not have to be one with the author’s involvement, but instead any living, breathing human beings. It is definitely rational that the author doesn’t draw directly from their own personal lives. Doing research on a writer and basing their work on their persona are two very different perspectives that can many times become perplexed. The two are not to be thought of the same because the focus should always remain the art because art is beautiful, original and everlasting…
Ignorance is Strength

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